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With over 60 years of combined engineering experience in spacecraft acoustic testing, we have provided accurate and reliable results since 1999. Our long-term clients include manufacturers like Orbital, Ball, ITT, Sandia, and JPL, while our projects include the NASA Mars Rover, Deep Impact, Orion, Dragon and Cloudsat. Our manufacturers create spacecraft for customers including DOD, commercial, and other government uses.

| MSI-DFAT® Manufacturer Clients:

  • Space X

  • Orbital Sciences Corporation

  • Sandia Labs

  • Ball Aerospace

  • Harris (ITT)

  • Wyle Labs

  • NASA

  • Boeing Aerospace

  • L3 Technologies (Harris)

  • JPL

  • ATA Services Inc

  • Lockheed Martin

  • United Launch Alliance

  • UTC (Goodrich)

  • Applied Physics Laboratory

  • Millennium Space Systems

  • John Hopkins University

| MSI-DFAT® Qualified Launch Vehicles:

  • Ariane

  • Atlas

  • Delta

  • Falcon 9

  • H-II

  • Minotaur

  • Pegasus

  • Proton

  • Sea/Land Launch

  • SLS

  • Soyuz

  • Taurus

  • Titan

  • Zenit

| Spectral Dynamics Team:

Matthew Polk

Graduate of the Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy (’71).
Co-founded Polk Audio in 1972 and served as Chairman and head of product development until the company was sold in 2006.

Co-owner of MSI DFAT Services, LLC and responsible for design of ultra-high acoustic output loudspeakers for DFAT systems. Mr. Polk holds more than 20 patents on loudspeakers and related technologies.

Paul Larkin

Paul Larkin has 40 years of experience working with aerospace structures.  He has been employed as a structural dynamics engineer at such companies as; Fairchild Space Systems, Orbital Sciences Corporation and Sandia National Laboratories. Mr. Larkin is currently employed by MSI-DFAT Services where, for the past 10 years, has provided operations oversight in the area of Direct Field Acoustic Testing to support research and development, customer testing, as well as lease and sales of DFAT equipment. Paul holds a BS degree in Engineering Science from Hofstra University and a MS degree in Civil Engineering from Columbia University.

Wes Mayne

Wes Mayne III has worked in the area of test system development and testing for almost 35 years. He has worked on large aerospace acoustic test facilities in the US, India, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and South America, in both technical roles, overall project management, and business development. He has also worked on the development of additional types of test systems such as automotive, large centrifuges, rocket engine test stands, underwater acoustic systems, and others. Wes has supported DFAT testing and development since he joined MSI at the end of 2016.

Robert Goldstein

Founded Maryland Sound in 1966. Created many of the products utilized in the concert sound industry today.
Established logistics procedures for mobilizing and deploying very large sound systems reliably and in extremely compressed time frames.
Founded MSI DFAT Services LLC as a stand alone company in 2016

Alan Merrick

Alan Merrick is a graduate of San Diego State University of California in Mechanical Engineering. Performed modal analysis, vibration and acoustic testing starting in 1984 for aircraft engine nacelles, providing a solid understanding to the connection between structural response and excitation sources. At GM Truck division lead the NVH team solving automotive noise and vibration issues. Taught test engineers the principles of vibration and acoustic spacecraft testing systems for three years supporting test measurement and control software.

For 23 years lead and managed a team testing spacecraft and components with large vibration systems, reverberant and direct field acoustic test facilities at Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Space Systems Loral (MAXAR). Currently supporting test and development at MSI-DFAT Services.

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