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Experior Laboratories Test Facility

MSI DFAT Services, LLC, in partnership with Experior Laboratories Inc. has completed their inaugural Direct Field Acoustic Test at Experior Labs’ Oxnard, CA test site.  This was the first DFAT at Experior Labs’ facility.

Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAT) is a high intensity acoustic vibration testing method mainly for aerospace which offers a time and cost saving alternative to conventional reverberation chamber testing and often with superior results.

This acoustic test was for a small device requiring additional high frequency components in the test spectrum and a long test duration.  Using MSI DFAT’s patented and proprietary DFAT techniques the test system and procedures were customized for the customer’s requirements and achieved a very successful result.

DFAT at Experior Labs’ facility is now available and can be flexibly configured for virtually any size test article within Experior Labs’ dynamics test area with a ceiling height of 33 feet and nearly any test spectrum.  Test levels up to 150 dB OASPL are achievable depending on spectrum and duration.  However, MSI DFAT uses narrow band, rectangular MIMO control to achieve superior spectral uniformity typically within +/- 3db and often, as in this test, better than +/- 1db even at higher frequencies.   Coherence can also be specified ensuring that all resonant modes are excited equally.  Field shaping, whistles and other special requirements can also be accommodated.

Because of its flexible configuration, portability and proven performance, DFAT is ideally suited to testing of special application devices requiring unique or challenging test specifications.

MSI DFAT Services has performed more than 180 successful DFAT’s. Experior Laboratories is one of the most highly respected and experienced aerospace testing organization in the country.  Together we are excited to offer this new service to a broader segment of the industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us as to discuss how we can serve your acoustics test needs.

Sample Spectrum Control Summary

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